I am a 24th years old Indonesian who loves photography in natural light for most. I started photography as a hobby and i love taking pictures of almost everything around me. I was once doing fashion photography, pre-wedding & wedding photography. Back then, the world of photography was just a black and white world for me, i have no idea of how to start and how it will end. And there is this one day when I first fall in love with babies, I met a very pretty newborn baby girl as soon as I returned home from my short study in Beijing, China, and heer mother gave me a chance to capture beautiful images of her baby girl. Since then I became addicted to take pictures of newborns and to help others to capture picture of their precious one.

And up until now, I always find that taking pictures of Newborns is really a challenge. I have so many reasons why i love to do the Newborns photography, one of the reasons is because they are very small, fragile and peaceful, yet you can never predict their mood. After a while I also started to shoot childrens too, and i found it challenging too, because you could never ask them to stand still during the process, what you need to do is to move fast, and take pictures while joking and playing with them at the same time. 

Every moment i spend around them is always special, and they always make my day!

That's all about me and i hope you could enjoy the rest of my works.